Benefits to Vendors

Introducing an entirely new way to generate a huge revenue stream for your venues!

Today, customers are being bombarded by advertising messages. As a result, advertisers are looking for unique opportunities to help them break through the message clutter. LogoHooks® is a powerful new tool that you will be able to provide to your advertisers—and cut through the clutter

Your company will be on the cutting edge of venue advertising as it participates in the worldwide introduction of LogoHooks®.

And unlike other advertising in your venues, LogoHooks® will also benefit the patrons who fill your seats. Finally, there will be a place for women to hang their purses or other bags. No longer will they have to leave them on their laps or reluctantly store them under their seat.

Benefits to the new venue owner:

  • New, untapped source of revenue
  • Customer perception of venues as being customer-friendly
  • Build on your reputation of innovation
  • Sets your venues apart from the competitors without LogoHooks®
  • Easy medium to sell to advertisers

Benefits to your advertisers:

  • Break through the clutter of ordinary advertising messages
  • Generate thousands of dollars of exposure from women making frequent checks of purses and bags
  • A wealth of word-of-mouth exposure
  • Become identified as a provider of a unique service

Benefits to your customers:

  • A safe and clean place to store their purses and bags