Meet Donna

Donna Floros

President & Inventor, LogoHooks® Worldwide, Inc.

From the age of 7, Donna Floros knew what her purpose was: she was going to invent something that would make a huge difference in people’s lives, something that would carry her legacy long after she was gone.

On weekends throughout her childhood in Gary, Indiana, she developed her industriousness by helping her father hang wallpaper and learn to make things by hand. She went to Indiana State University to pursue a degree in aerospace technology, a challenging but rewarding field of study, as she learned how complex machines were designed and built. Learning how to fly was a hugely satisfying hobby, but not in line with her inventive spirit, since she knew she wasn’t going to build something that flew.

She earned a living as a professional paperhanger, painter, and carpenter, building grandfather clocks. She also worked for 3M, building floppy disks at the beginning of the tech revolution. All the while, she searched for the next big invention that would revolutionize the way people did business.

The light bulb clicked on in July of 2007 when she was shown a Purse Hook, which she felt to be a clever invention, though lacking the kind of permanence she knew big companies wanted for their products.

What if, rather than one person buying and carrying around a single hook, the hook was conveniently everywhere you went?

What if each hook had room for advertising, so it would constantly be in view and at the front of consumers’ minds?

What if she could find a way to combine a place to hang your belongings with revenue generation?

Not one to wait for someone else to have this idea, Donna invented the LogoHook®: a complete individually-sized advertisement with an invaluable personal function. Partners with LogoHooks® naturally become identified with the security and peace of mind of a clean and safe place for belongings.